is there an alternative to uber in turkey?

is there an alternative to uber in turkey?

Digital applications combining the advantages of technology with the passenger transport sector are in high demand. Passengers' preferences started to shift to this area with the influence of global companies like Uber. So which of the applications in our country as Uber competitors, in which regions are used? We have prepared a beautiful guide for you.

We are at a turning point in the commercial taxi competition of Uber and local tradesmen with the effect of technology. We are living in an era where digital solutions have been superior in almost every field. Uber, not only in Turkey, Europe and the United States also creates debate on competitiveness. In response, local trades need to find various solutions.

competition in the passenger transport sector in Turkey, the user experiences with more tension than benefits. Although it is said that these tensions will decrease in time, the need for domestic breakthroughs is increasing. Already we have started to make these breakthroughs, such as Uber there are various applications for urban passenger transport?

 Today, the domestic venture departing from Turkey as a rival Uber we convey to you.


The application, which can only be used for Istanbul for now, can be opened to different cities in the future. @Taxi allows you to call the nearest taxi registered as a driver in the application. You can follow the taxi instantly on the map during arrival. You can determine the location through the application, you get rid of the hassle of driving the date. The advantage of calling a taxi for future dates is also quite handy. Payments can be made via cash, BKM Express or credit card.


Olev is an application used in Istanbul, Izmir, Cesme and Bodrum. In addition to individual services, vehicles can be sent as corporate and VIP vehicles. The application allows you to send notifications to taxi vehicles 24/7. Before you make your journey, you can see how much you would expect to pay, and you can call the car service accordingly. When choosing a vehicle to take you to your destination, you can look at all of your information and pay in a variety of ways.


Currently operating only in Istanbul and Ankara, BiTaksi provides access to all information about the taxi you choose, including the driver. Payment options include BKM Express with debit and credit card as well as cash. BiTaksi saves your journey and protects you in case you forget something in the vehicle.


The application developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality offers three different taxi options. These are classic yellow cabs, turquoise cabs and black taxis that can be classified as VIP services. You can save your favorite routes. Apart from the application, you can call vehicles from Alo 153 or service depending on the municipality.


Scotty, which is currently in use only in Istanbul, allows you to drive with motorized drivers instead of taxi. This naturally aims to prevent the loss of time in traffic. The application has similar services just like other taxi applications.