Through the eyes of foreign tourists in Turkey

Through the eyes of foreign tourists in Turkey

The research on the citizens of the country where the budget allocated for promotion next year in Turkey, "Turkey's image" on it reveals interesting opinions.

According to information compiled from the Culture and Tourism Ministry's website, the Germans Turkey is "a cheap holiday in the country" while the sun low vision of the country while the UK citizens of Turkey is the most "hot climate" to know.

The Dutch who visited Turkey "luxurious, safe and tolerant country describes as", to visit those who think the opposite.

"Holiday" means the first Russians to Turkey while his mind, says about 40 percent of Danish citizens have about Turkey.

French Country never see, Turkey is an "Arab country" perceptions of the citizens of the United Arab Emirates Turkey as a "European" is defined as.

The Ministry plans to advertise abroad in countries where next year's image of Turkey showed differences Although commonly known as "hot climate, hospitality, historical and cultural values" and come forward.

Turkey in the German market, beaches, high quality of service and hospitality with a positive image as a holiday destination. In Germany, for Turkey, "a cheap holiday country" There's also the perception.

According to a study conducted with traveling, Turkey, in terms of quality of service and love shown to children also it ranks first.

The satisfaction elements of German tourists are sea-sand-sun, long tourism season, price-service balance, high hotel quality and cultural wealth.

Russia remains the first decades: Turkey's image in the Russian Federation, "the most popular and most preferred holiday destination as".

According to research, the most suitable country for 47 percent of Russians think that Turkey holidays. Turkey, reasonably priced, with quality services and facilities, which are unique historical and cultural value and is perceived as a civilized destination.

Russian Federation citizens before the holiday comes to mind is the first country to Turkey. Turkey, becoming a well-known brands in the Russian Federation market, for years maintained its position in the first row.

Connotations associated with Turkey, sunny, fun, picturesque, friendly, relaxing, land of contrasts, is shaping up as a unique and self Mediterranean.

British, visiting historic sites and museums: Turkey is perceived as a country with a warm climate and cultural riches in the UK market. British, Turkey is the most "fair (68 percent)", "date (55 percent)" and "cultural (48 percent)" is described with words.

Image of Turkey, both countries visited over the past few years and both those who have not yet visited but positive in terms of those who have received the list.

Most of the holiday beach holiday in Turkey, then comes the cultural / historical tours. From 8 to 10 people on holiday in Turkey, historical sites and museums are visiting during their stay.

British Turkey to "warm climate, historical and cultural values, the price is suitable, natural beauty, friendly welcome of the Turkish people, to families and accommodations for compliance" in terms of staying satisfied.

7 of every 10 people from their recent travels to Turkey evaluations requested, "they are very fond of visiting" the report says.

American tourists, likes to make contact with local people: the United States, Turkey, for many years as a result of carried out promotional activities "historical, cultural, tourist destination coming to the forefront with its archaeological and natural wealth" is known as.

The ocean is the habit of traveling Moreover, the survey conducted between 8 million persons selected from the audience will be able to travel to Turkey, reveals that 50 percent of this community want to travel to Turkey.

The American visitor satisfaction elements of Turkey's historical, cultural and natural wealth, religious tourism riches, kruvaziyerl travel facilities, the US dollar is strong in Turkey.

In addition, US tourists focus on the types of tourism in which they can contact local people and experience the destinations they visit. In this context, Turkish hospitality becomes an element reinforcing the holiday experiences.

Turkey is considering different those to the visitors: the connotations about the country of the Netherlands traveling to Turkey "nice and sunny climate (63 percent)", "beautiful beaches (21 percent)", "sea (20 percent)", "beautiful food and drinks (14 percent), "friendly people (10 percent)" in the form. Dutch, Turkey is "hospitable, unique, traditional country" is perceived.

Those who visit Turkey "luxurious, safe and tolerant country that" specifying, to visit those who think the opposite. while 92 percent of Dutch tourists coming to Turkey remain satisfied with their visit.

In addition to Turkey "all-inclusive cheap destination" image, it has settled the case in the Dutch market.

while about 40 percent of Danes do not have any information about Turkey. Referring to perceptions about Turkey, 32 percent positive and 33 percent neutral and 13 percent negative, very positive 6 percent, 5 percent while a very negative opinion, not any idea of ​​11 percent.

last year Turkey's image in Denmark seems to gain momentum in a positive direction. Among the reasons for finding broader place in world politics and Turkey's progress in poor countries competing tourism.

The half of those who visit Turkey are leaving with good memories of the country.

According to France 'Arab countries', according to B.A.E. 'European': In France, the overall positive image of Turkey on tourism. However, due to incorrect and incomplete information, the French never came, one of Turkey's perception of the "Arab country" as konumluy. This is shaping up as a form of perception also overshadows the attractiveness of Turkey's cultural and natural diversity. French satisfaction is the quality of service, cultural diversity and wealth.

Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE) among the first to come to mind holiday destination in the market ranks first with 24 percent.

In the study, positive associations with Turkey in the UAE market, "exciting, green, historic, attractive family destination, the land of contrasts, sunny, Muslim, friendly, safe and Europeans" is taking shape.

Turkey is seen as the most popular tourist destinations beyond all recognition. 96 percent of tourists leave satisfied with their travels.

Austrians 'very sympathetic' finds: In Ukraine, Turkey breaks to mind first "fun, sea and sand, cultural trips, all-inclusive system in the hotel" s brings. Ukrainian tourists, think you can find something you can do absolutely everyone in Turkey.

In Austria, Turkey, between the beloved country (except Croatia reached by road) ranks second after Italy. In the survey, 86 percent of Turkey as a holiday destination of Austrian citizens "sympathetic" or "very sympathetic" is defined as.

Turkey as a holiday destination in the Spanish market, while in Italy the market has a positive image in terms of historical and cultural wealth. In Belgium, it is perceived as sahip a tourism country with natural beauty, rich in history and culture, especially for sea-sand-sun holidays ".

Switzerland, Turkey, "an exciting and interesting modern-synthesis of ancient, mystic, hospitable tourism country" Although perceived as "politically complex" is defined.

China has a positive image as a culturally rich country where Asia and Europe meet. Japanese in Turkey as "historic, cultural and natural wealth of a country with a friendly" perceptions of the remains satisfied with the travels 95 percent.

In other news, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Finland, Israel, Poland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Serbia, Syria, Macedonia, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina are among the countries the Ministry plans to promote next year.