Turkey Visit Tips 2020

Turkey Visit Tips 2020

Turkey Visit Tips 2020

Please note: In addition to his wife married Turkish women communicating with particular please pay attention to your possible moves and sincerely, can lead quite naturally a greeting and joking great things to happen in Turkey in your own country, Turkish society is extremely sensitive to family privacy.

Courtesy is indispensable for communication between people to be healthy and friendly. Courtesy, which means being polite, thoughtful and respectful in relationships, is an issue that needs attention in all areas of life. Paying attention to courtesy rules in many areas of life such as meeting, greeting, talking, visiting, eating, sitting, walking allows you to be respected and loved by people. Turkish people try to pay attention to courtesy rules as much as possible and adopt gentle people more quickly. So now let's look closely at the need to pay attention to some important rules of courtesy when communicating with people in Turkey.


Meeting and Speaking Rules

known for its hospitality in Turkey, there are some rules you need to consider when you meet people. Although it varies according to some regions, both parties shake hands during the meeting throughout the country. Handshaking is done with one hand. Some women may choose not to shake hands with men. It is necessary to respect this preference. In general, the woman is expected to stretch hands while shaking hands. The younger one should not extend the hand unless the older hand is extended. selamlaşılırk intimacy with people you do not just need to shake hands in Turkey. However, you can touch cheeks with people with your sincerity. It is much more convenient to touch the cheek to your cheek especially with your fellow man. When you enter a new environment, it will be appropriate to introduce yourself as per the courtesy rules.

Don't Forget to Say Hello In Turkey the necessary courtesy to people that you're not sincerity, you should appeal to you. You are expected to respond to the greeting given to you. Turkish people give a great salute when they see someone or enter an environment. "Hello, Hi, Hi, Hello, Good morning, Good evening" are the most common forms of greetings. After meeting, they are usually called "Pleased to meet you." If you are sitting when someone will introduce you to another person, it will be a gentle move to stand up if possible. Pay Attention to Your Speaking Speed While speaking, try to speak at a normal pace. If the other party did not understand what you said, repeat your words more slowly. When you do not understand what the other party said, ask him to repeat his words. Just as it is one in almost every culture in Turkey is expected to say thank you when you compliment it. When two people are talking, be careful not to intervene. It is best to apologize if someone unintentionally interrupts you. Try to cover your mouth with a tissue or napkin while coughing. It is better to wipe your mouth area with a napkin after sneezing. If the environment is suitable, it would be a good move to go to the sink in such a situation.


Tableware Rules Different tools can be used while eating in different cultures of the world. usually fork while eating the meal in Turkey, spoons and knives are preferred. Generally, the oldest person at the table does not start eating until they start eating. Even if the meal is over, it is necessary to sit at the table. It is not welcome to smack the mouth while eating or to sneeze while drinking something. We recommend that you avoid such movements. Mixing your teeth with a toothpick, pointed things or fingernail while eating also does not follow courtesy rules. If you need to use toothpicks, you should be careful to do this alone. In everyday life should not burp in Turkey dining table should never be welcomed. If you have such a need, it would be much more accurate to do it on your own. You should be careful not to eat the food too quickly or too slowly. You'd better be in harmony with other people at the table. Smoking while eating is not considered an appropriate behavior. But when you want to smoke after the meal is over, you should ask permission from those on the table. There may be people who are bothered by cigarette smoke. For this reason, we recommend that you smoke your cigarette in an open area.

Visiting and Visiting Rules You should definitely notify the person you want to visit in the Turkish culture where the guest who comes home is never surrounded by the door and where the “God guest” understanding prevails. It is a good idea to join the places where you are invited, but if you cannot attend, you should try to inform them again in advance. It is important to go to meetings on time. If you are going to be late, you should inform the phone. It is a kind act to apologize to the other party when you meet late. It is important to go to your destination with clean and tidy clothes. For example, if your shoes are muddy, at least it is best to wipe them out. In order not to disturb people, you should definitely try to get rid of bad breath and sweat. It is good to take a shower and use deodorant before the meeting. When you are going to a house or workplace, you should sit in the place shown to you. It is much more important to comply with this rule, especially in business negotiations. Sitting by spreading is not well received in Turkish society. Be sure not to sit by spreading your legs, especially in public settings and public transport. You should leave the house you are visiting at a convenient time. For example, if a friend invited you to dinner at 7 am, 10.30 is a good time to leave.

Patient Visit Rules

In Turkey "Patients visit will be short." Mentality is dominant. This is considered as it is necessary not to bother them too much because patients need plenty of rest.

It is important not to mention the issues that may miss his joy when he is with the patient. This can be any subject such as politics, agenda, sports, business.


If the patient is in intensive care, visiting the relatives of the patient is also a stylish behavior. After the patient visit period is over, it will be an appropriate move to express your wishes and leave the room.