Surprising Traditions in Turkey for First Time

Surprising Traditions in Turkey for First Time

Interesting Traditions in Turkey

Turkey; It is an important Turkish state where different cultures live together and prevail in a wide geography. Turkish culture, which has been moved from Central Asian culture to Anatolian culture and synthesized with Islamic culture, constitutes an important cultural mosaic that contains many different traditions, customs, traditions and customs.

It has many different traditions that seem strange when viewed from the outside, but that Turks absorb and constantly practice and surprise foreigners. While many of these traditions are now found only in small settlements, some of these traditions also bear traces in cities. Some of the traditions from Turkey for the first time are surprised;

Turks' Marriage Traditions

Now, although the first step has to take up the old traditions that still preserves the validity of a marriage in many regions in Turkey.

Families with single daughters plant one bottle in the chimney part of their home to show that they have single daughters. The groom candidate, who wants to aspire to that girl from the young people of the region, tries to break the bottle by targeting this bottle standing in the chimney. The young man who breaks the bottle aspires to the girl at the age of marriage and sends the elders of the family, who are called seer to ask the girl, to the girl's house.

If the decision of the girl to be married and her family is positive, the word is cut after the tradition of asking the girl and the preparations for the wedding begin.

Wedding Traditions of Turks

Traditional motifs of Turks are most common at weddings, holidays and special occasions.

The marriage of two young people who love each other in Turkey, and then the joy of making this wedding is a tradition to share all of their loved ones. Of course, this tradition has a rule, which is; there is no wedding between the two holidays.

It is considered unlucky to hold a wedding between the dates of Ramadan and Kurban, which is one of the religious holidays of Turks, and wedding dates are never coincided between these two holidays.

The groom can't see the bride before the wedding,

Red belt tied to the bride's waist, who will leave the father's house,

There are many different traditional items, such as not showing the bride to the bridegroom who came to pick up the bride and not receiving a tip to open the door.

Holiday Traditions of Turks

including Ramadan and Eid in Turkey there are two religious holidays. These holidays are the days when people come together and feelings of national unity and solidarity.

It is one of the most important traditional motifs to get up early on holiday days, to wear new clothes for the holiday and to go to relatives.

During the holiday visits, the younger ones go to the elders and kiss the hand. The peace of the odd holiday traditions in Turkey, which are the days when people helped each other and live a happy togetherness.

While the desserts, candies and baklava are served during the Ramadan holidays, people distribute them from the meat of the sacrifice they cut to each other.

Birth Traditions of Turks

More difficult traditions wait at the door after the couples overcome all the tough traditions and get married. One of these is the pressure of the family for couples to have children as soon as possible.

Young couples who are newly married usually receive requests from families to have children with traditional sentences such as "Come on now, give us grandchildren, the joy of the house is a child, a home without children, there cannot be a home".

The newborn child is often given the name of his grandfather or one of his family elders. Azan is read in one ear while the newborn child is given a name and the other ear is spoken three times aloud. Thus, the name of the newborn baby is put.

The evil eye bead is attached to the collar immediately so that it does not touch the evil eye, that is, it is not affected by bad energies, and this evil eye bead is never removed. Also, the newborn baby is not taken out until the age of 40 days and it is not shown to anyone other than family members.