Reasons for Deportation in Turkey

Reasons for Deportation in Turkey

Most Common Reasons for Deportation in Turkey

Foreigners resident in Turkey and travels about the 5683 law to remain in the country by the community security, political and administrative care to foreigners deemed contrary, they are invited to leave Turkey within the given time. Those who do not leave the country during this period can be deported.

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the deportation procedures. The decision to be deported is notified to the person or his lawyer. If the person to be deported does not have a lawyer, this person is informed about the conditions of appeal against the decision to be deported.

Who is Deported?

Those sentenced to two years or more in prison for the crime he committed,

Terrorist organization manager, member, supporter, or those with interest-oriented criminal organization manager, member or supporter,

enter Turkey, unrealistic visas and residence permits for the transactions made using information and forged documents

When he was in his living in Turkey illegally providing,

 Those who pose a threat to public order, public safety or public health,

Those who exceed the visa or visa exemption period more than 10 days or whose visa is canceled,

Those whose residence permits are canceled,

Those who have violated the residence permit more than 10 days without an acceptable justification since the residence permit expires,

Those who are found to work without a work permit,

 violation of legal provisions from the legal entry or exit Turkey Turkey who,

Despite the ban on entry to Turkey who are determined to come to Turkey

Those whose international protection application is rejected, excluded from international protection, whose application is considered as unacceptable,

 Residence permit application for extension of those rejected, those who do not exit from Turkey within 10 days,

A decision to expel the applicant or persons with international protection status can be made only if there are serious signs that they pose a threat to the security of the country, or if they have a final sentence for a crime that poses a threat to public order.


Access Forbidden who is in Turkey?

Passport Act 5682 Turkey entry of persons is prohibited according to Article 8 below.

Vagabonds and beggars,

Disabled by madness or infectious diseases (such as those that do not endanger public health and public order and will receive treatment by their own means under the legal auspices of their legal guardians or guardians or those who come for air exchange may be exempted from this provision.)

Where the side of the Republic of Turkey, one of the crime is accepted as a basis for extradition with the agreement or agreements pertaining to extradition of accused or convicted on mücrim,

It has been expelled from Turkey with unsubstituted permit re-entry,

Safety and the Republic of Turkey who want to disrupt or disturb the public order and to help with the intention of participating in those who perceived they came for the purpose of distorting,

Those who have sexual intercourse for money and those who take the profession by sending women to prostitution and those who trade white women and all kinds of smugglers,

the money will reach the remains will the period of life they declare and go again in Turkey are not found in Turkey will be under the auspices of themselves to anyone are found or in Turkey who can not prove their hold one of the prohibited jobs law strangers "are prohibited from entry into the country of the parties.

Reasons for not being permitted to enter Turkey

Turkey in 2016. According to the report, total 18 294 foreign migration was not allowed to enter Turkey.

Let's look at the reasons for the rejection of foreigners:

Entry Ban: 7399 - 40%

Visa Free Travel: 4300 - 24%

Invalid Document: 2491 - 14%

Fraud: 1369 - 7%

Visa Violation: 909 - 5%

Other Reasons: 1826 - 10%